A Story of Hope

Written for Hope

By Anastasia Smith, Former Medicaid Service Coordinator

Hope is a strong self empowered person who has not given up on her pursuit for self-directed services.  After high school, Hope was misdiagnosed with a psychiatric disability; however, Hope never felt like she fit under the mental health umbrella.

Hope, like many others in her position, became frustrated with working with staff that she felt misunderstood her, her diagnosis, and her disabilities.  Hope worked hard on obtaining a proper diagnosis and once she became affiliated with the OPWDD community, began to do her own research on services that interested her.

Hope was particularly interested in the Consolidated Support Services (CSS).  Hope was on the waitlist for over a year, but never gave up on her dream.  She regularly maintained that she wanted to be the driver in her life and had very specific goals.

The wheels started turning for Hope in November, 2012 when services became available for her to begin her process with CSS.

Hope and her MSC worked on finding a start-up broker and Hope began to run meetings about the direction she wants to take with CSS.

Even while battling breast cancer, Hope has focused her energy on developing her circle of support and coming up with her own personal outcomes for her own life.  Hope is never afraid to ask questions and speak for herself.

Hope is a true inspiration for others and her self-advocacy is admirable.  While she is still in the early stages of her journey, Hope’s perseverance and determination in developing her own life program that fits her own needs and desires is inspirational.