Glee / Big Time Glee

gleeGlee, or Big Time Glee as members affectionately call it, is a grassroots singing group. Its members are comprised of young adults who participate in Self-Directed (SD) services through the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities. These individuals are proud to be leading self-determined lives. The Self-Directed service option empowers people with disabilities and their families to design and manage services based on their individual needs and goals. Self-Direction supports the philosophy of community inclusion and its participants are eager to join existing community clubs or form new groups based on their shared interests and passions.


The group meets every other week at St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church in Smithtown. They are frequently asked to sing in their communities at events such as library functions, legislative breakfasts, and advocacy meetings. Several of the members have been professionally trained and often volunteer to sing solos. The majority of members are just there to have fun, sing a bit, and meet new people. For more info contact Theresa Grieco at or Barbara McNamara at

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