12/16/17 1:30pm Northport Buddy Club Filming

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The Northport Buddy Club Filming
Saturday, December 16th 1:30 – 5pm
The Northport Public Library
151 Laurel Avenue Northport, 11768

I need parents and members for less than 10 minutes to share your experience with The Northport Buddy Club and why new members should join! I’m hiring my good friend (who is being extremely generous and traveling from the city) to film and edit testimonials for The Northport Buddy Club. I’m asking members and parents to please stop by anytime between 1:30-5pm at The Northport Library and briefly share their positive experiences with The Northport Buddy Club. This footage will be used for our website and social media to help us promote our great group. Community supporters and instructors are also invited to come share what they do with The Northport Buddy and why new members should join their events. If you would like to support The Buddy Club by donating to this project that would be greatly appreciated <3