10/14/17 7 PM Northport Buddy Club Halloween Dance Party!!

Halloween dance party!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎵 10/14/17 Saturday 71 Grove St, Glenwood Landing, NY 11547
See flyer for more info! Please let us know if you or anyone you know would like to donate to this event! We greatly appreciate it!
Your Buddy, Paul Scancarelli Founder Of The Northport Buddy Club Inc.
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PS: Here are all the donations and support we need for our EPIC Halloween costume party. You DON’T want to miss this spooky event! A lot of work and planning is going into this event and we need your help!! There are three ways to help. 1st by donating the different items on our list (preferably items you don’t mind us keeping for the following year’s events) 2nd donating funds which will be used to buy supplies/food for this event (there is no cover charge but we are opening it up for donations)  3rd volunteering earlier that day to help decorate and setup. The event is from 7-10pm, but we NEED help beforehand and after! Please read the rest of the email as it has all of our upcoming events and the list of things we need! Thank you so much and we look forward to having your support and making this event special!




The Walkers have teamed up with our friends from the Northport Buddy Club to throw a massive Halloween bash at THE GLENWOOD LIFE CENTER on SATURDAY OCT 14th from 7-10pm. There’s going to be food, dancing, crazy creeped out themes and lots of scary surprises!!!! Address 71 Grove St, Glenwood Landing, NY 11547



                      👻😱YOUR HELP WOULD BE BOOOOOOTASTIC😱👻

Party supplies Needed: 

8-12: red (or color changing) spot lights

2-4: disco lights

2-4 strobe lights

Dry ice (day of)

2-3 fog machines/fog liquid (non toxic)

4 red flood light-bulbs

16 red chandelier light bulbs

Fake flicker tea lights

Fake flicker candles (white)

20 count flora lights (blue/teal/purple or red)

2-6 Black angel wings

4-6 full plastic skeletons

4 bags of black spider webs

4bags white spider webs

6-8 black streamer rolls

4-6 white streamer rolls

2-4 red streamer rolls

8 black round plastic table cloths

3 black rectangular plastic table clothes

3 gray rectangular plastic table clothes

3 gray rectangular table skirts

3 red table skirts

Black or red party plates (100count)

Clear plastic utensils (forks/knives 100count each )

Black or red party cups (100count)

Fondue fountain/red melting chocolate (just cause it would be fun) 

2 round 8person folding tables

100 pack clear round latex balloons

10 pack 36″ Jumbo clear balloons

Large red dot confetti

Balloon air machine (inflate multiple balloons at once)

Grave stones (as many as possible)

Skeletons (as many as possible)

Fake Birds (doves and ravens)/bird cages

Entertainment to ask for:

2 facepainters

1 photographers w/backgrounds 

1piano player

Actors or slam word poets to do a scary story or act 

***Don’t forget we’re also looking for volunteers ***