Peter’s Self-Determination Story

Hello. My name is Peter. I am a 20 year old man diagnosed with high functioning Autism, OCD, and a Receptive Language Disorder. I am currently living in White Plains, NY but I was born and raised in Northport, NY. I like self-determination because you get to do things all on your own such as cooking, budgeting, paying bills, etc. Self Determination is when you transition out of high school and into adulthood.


When I was still in high school last year I worked at a different number of jobs. I worked at Connoisseur Media of Long Island which is a radio station out in Farmingdale in the Airport Plaza shopping center. I also have worked at the Huntington Arts Council in Huntington, NY. I also have worked for SANYS which is the Self Advocacy Association of New York State for people with developmental disabilities. That is located in Hauppauge, NY. I would like this time to thank Rebecca Ryan my job coach last year for helping me at these jobs and helping me into self-determination.


I like Self Determination because I like doing everything on my own. I do laundry, cooking, cleaning the bathroom and bedroom, etc. I prefer to live this way independently because you don’t have your mom and dad telling what to do all the time. So that is my story about Self Determination.