Sarah Turkiew, Robert Lepley and PBSCF Executive Director, John Innis, featured on WBAB/WBLI

PBSCF Community Hero, Robert Lepley and Sarah Turkiew were on the panel with John Innis on the WBAB/WBLI “Plugged Into Long Island” radio program on Sunday 1/7/2018. Discussion centered on self-direction and Self-determination, Sarah’s music career and upcoming CD and live performances as well as the ways in which Robert has worked with Sarah over the years. See contact info below if you wish to go see Sarah and/or Robert perform or to book them for your event.


Listen to the Plugged Into Long Island program by clicking one of the links below:


Thank you to the show host, Ted Lindner, Cox Media, WBAB & WBLI and John Shea, Cox Media Group Vice President & General Manager. John was also recognized as a Community Hero at the PBSCF Family Dinner Dance in November.