The Bluffs at Kings Park….written by Craig S.

The Bluffs town park located in Kings Park, Long Island is for Smithtown residents only and offers a variety of beach landscape vignettes and a sometimes winding, steep trail that goes over a mile. The trail is embedded and on the edge of the bluff covered in plants and foliage creating a shaded walk better for the hot weather having a mild breeze. It is fairly quiet even on the weekends with few people far in between and goes a long way for a Sunday recreational activity. It connects to Callahan’s Beach Park as well as Sunken Meadow State Park, but as you walk the sandy, dirt trail it doesn’t seem like Long Island at first yet the majestic scenic views of a white Sandy beach and far off view of both Connecticut and Port Jefferson reassures where you are. There is a pristine quality you get when looking off into the distance having vibrant and deep colors coming at you. You will probably need to rest for a little in between walking on the trail but the beautiful view definitely helps.