Website & Creating An Internet Support Community

The PBSCF web site, Phase 1 is complete and we hope to secure funding for Phase 2. The long-term vision and goal for the web site is to provide an enhanced sense of community and connections between self-determined individuals, those that love and support them (Circles of Support and support staff), and the communities in which they live on Long Island, NY.

For individuals that live a self-determined life, it can be more difficult than it should be to find support staff, a variety of preferred and available outlets for work, socialization and recreation and establish connections within their communities. Individuals and their Circles of Support have sometimes felt that they were alone in this and later learned that they have gone through a process that others have gone through before them. The system that currently exists to help individuals get established in their chosen life paths is mostly word-of-mouth and luck. While self-determined individuals prefer the freedom and flexibility offered by choosing self-determined services, they would greatly benefit from a central point of information sharing and a way to connect with resources. We hope to develop this web site to do this.

The 1st task of Phase 2 of the web site is to develop a map-based interface where self-determined individuals, their Circles of Support and Direct Support Workers will be able to see where activities of interest are being held near them. The 2nd task is to, through a fully moderated registration and matching process, allow users to establish real-life (not web-based) connections with others that live near them. User’s identities are anonymous until a real-life connection is established and mutually agreeable. This leads to the 3rd task, allowing individual users to share static profiles (through the mapping system) with other specific users that have been mutually-approved.

If you feel that this is a valuable endeavor, we hope that you will support us by making a donation to our general operating funding or a donation targeted to further development of this web site.

It is important to note that this is not planned as a replacement for social sites such as Facebook, however it could be used as a training tool for online safety.

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