The PBS Community Foundation would like to give a big shout out to our friends at Full Spec Productions. 

PBSCF was invited to be part of their “Putting You on the Spot” podcast to discuss our upcoming Care-In Across America music event and all the important work we do.

If you love music and the self-directed population this is the podcast for you! Take a minute and check it out. You can find the link to the full video by visiting

James O'Connor, Andrew Garbarino, Doug Smith

Matt and Shelley manning the PBSCF table , 4/22/21 at Bohemia fire department , with Ruth-Ann Hartney our Executive Director.

Thank you to Town of Islip Councilman James O'Connor for the invitation to participate at this wonderful event. We were so glad to meet with our communtiy at the Long Island Community Autism Celebration! Glad to spread the word about the great opportunities to get involved with the PBS Community Foundation. 

A big thank you to our police, fire departments and first responders for the work that you do every day!

Happy New Year

Dear PBSCF participants, families, staff, friends and our supporters,

As we find our way into the 2021 new year, we wanted to reflect on the year that has passed.  While 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges to all of us, we are grateful to our participants, their families and staff for their resilience and for entrusting us to redesign our activities into a virtual format to maintain your routine during these tumultuous times. 

Moving forward, we are committed to creating new opportunities and options for you to fully integrate in your communities.  Please know that it's YOU who we have in mind.  Your strength, commitment and your will to thrive in your communities motivates us to continue our mission which is to empower you to make your own life choices and succeed where you live, work and play.  

In that spirit, the PBSCF Board of Directors would like to wish you a year full of health, courage and renewed hope.  Let us all remember to be kind and supportive of each other.  We look forward to seeing you at our initiatives and events.

Tal Ourian, Board Chair

and the PBSCF Board of Directors  


November 3, 2020 is Election Day

Exercise your right to vote! 

Election Day resources:

NYS Board of Elections

Nassau County Board of Elections

Suffolk County Board of Elections

Our Time Our Vote - National Center for Learning Disabilities

"Heading To The Polls? If You Have A Disability, Here's What To Know", 10/28/2020,

Agenda  Open Meeting 9_30_2020

The PBSCF Annual Open Meeting was held on September 30, 2020.

The recording is available below. Meet the Board of Directors, hear financial updates, and learn more about our initiatives and fundraising activities.

Our featured speaker this year: Darlene Magito-McLaughlin, PhD, LBA, BCBA-D.

Darlene is the founder and director of PBS Consulting & Psychological Resources. The featured presentation is "Returning From COVID19" that can benefit parents, supports, professionals and individuals in the self-directed community.

2020 Annual Open Membership Meeting