PBSCF Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for an adventure? Well adventurers, dust off your magnifying glasses cause
THE SCAVENGER HUNT is on!!! Collect items, complete tasks and have safe fun indoors,
outdoors and online!!
Join us on July 20th for The Hunt from 4-6pm and The Adventure Celebration at 7pm on Zoom!

PBSCF back on The People’s Podcast!

We were excited to join Paul Scancarelli (aka Paul Vibes) for another People's Podcast! Thank you for featuring PBSCF again.

Ruth-Ann, Diane, Monica and Erin share the mission of PBSCF, information our great initiatives, and ways to get involved. Please continue to support PBSCF!

Go Fund Me

The PBS Community Foundation provides vital services for you, your family, friends and local community. We are all stuggling through the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To continue our essential work, we need your help! Please visit our GoFundMe page and donate today. 

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